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RxMart has created an online marketplace to assist independent pharmacies across the United States in purchasing and selling non-controlled, non-expired overstock medications for a specific patient's need. We designed an online shopping experience that is redefining the way community pharmacies save waste and enhance profitability by combining innovative technologies with exceptional customer care. Our mission is to improve patient care for independents and their communities by broadening their reach, connecting them with thousands of members, and saving them money.

RxMart has developed an online marketplace

RxMart is used by our members all across the country to improve operational efficiencies, reduce pharmaceutical waste, and create additional cash flow from overstock and incomplete prescription drugs. RxMart, as a market leader, is proud of the reputation we've built for securing dispenser-to-dispenser transactions and giving reliable information regarding medications.

  • RxMart is proud of its track record of securing dispenser-to-dispenser transactions and giving correct information on medicines exchanged between dispensers as a market leader.

  • We are certain that the flexibility of our system will be extremely useful to regulatory authorities as supply chain players implement the DSCSA

  • We are dedicated to improving pharmaceutical supply chain security and are prepared to fulfill current and future compliance needs.

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