RxMart was designed by pharmacists for pharmacies to create the most trusted and complaint online marketplace where you can purchase and sell overstock medications.

Our members increase patient access to medications while reducing pharmaceutical waste by linking independent pharmacies around the country. RxMart maintains safe, secure, compliant, and accurate electronic transaction records for all dispenser-to-dispenser transactions, ensuring DSCSA compliance. RxMart, Voted the best by consumer affairs RxMart is the best choice to buy and sell your overstock medications.


Enhance Patient Care

80,000+ NDCs every day on our online pharmacy marketplace

Reduce Drug Waste

Buy and Sell your non-expired, non-controlled overstock medications.

Easy-to-Use Marketplace

Easy to use website and easy going staff.

Avoid Drug Shortages

Tackle regional and national drug shortages and locate hard-to-find medications

RxMart is your trusted online marketplace for buying and selling overstock medications.

RxMart has developed an online marketplace specifically designed to help independent pharmacies across the United States buy/sell non-controlled, non-expired overstock drugs for a specific patient's need.


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